ECD Commissioner Says Tennessee Promise Is State’s Top Sales Tool

Randy Boyd has the answer for businesses considering Tennessee who are worried about ample workforce supply.

Randy Boyd (Photo: Nathan Morgan)

Randy Boyd (Photo: Nathan Morgan)

It’s the Tennessee Promise.

Boyd, the state’s commissioner of economic and community development, invoked the program, which provides last-dollar scholarships to community college for high school seniors, when asked to identify his “big idea for America” at veteran entrepreneurship program Bunker Labs’ Nashville Muster Tuesday. He suggested it be expanded nationwide, arguing that if Tennessee can do it — using lottery funds, not taxes — any state can.

Not only does the program provide a wider pool of Tennesseans with an advanced degree, it helps Boyd assuage concerns about educated workforce supply from businesses considering setting up shop in the state.

“It’s our No. 1 sales tool,” said Boyd, a man whose job is focused on selling the state to businesses.

Eleanor Kennedy covers Nashville’s health care and technology industries. She can be reached at [email protected].

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