Communities & Organizations

Tennessee’s Drive to 55 will succeed if we all work together.

One of the first ways your community, business or organization can help is by making sure every family and every interested high school senior learns about and takes advantage of the Tennessee Promise.

Join us in spreading the word and in recruiting the volunteer mentors needed to support the program, by embracing this simple 4-Step Challenge:

  • Take the Tennessee Promise

    Take the Tennessee Promise by formally endorsing and embracing the Tennessee Promise initiative throughout your organization, and in the Tennessee communities you serve;

  • Organize Your Team/Build Your Plan

    Organize your team and build your plan to help actively recruit both students, and the volunteer adult mentors, to support those students, by engaging directly with the local Tennessee Promise advisory councils in the counties and communities your organization serves, and by encouraging your adult employees to obtain a postsecondary credential.

  • Put Your Plan Into Action

    Put Your Plan Into Action by using your organization’s employee and public communications tools and events to help publicize Tennessee Promise and the opportunities it represents for students, mentors, your organization and the future workforce/economic development of your community and our state;

  • Measure and Celebrate Your Success

    Measure and celebrate your success by publicizing and reporting regularly on your activities and progress on the above.

Email us at for more information or to Join the Alliance and the 4-Step Challenge.